Your Music Studio and Inverter Generator


Thinking you have everything you need in your music studio? Think again! You might have all the musical equipment from speakers and mixers down to headphones and furniture, but if you don’t have the best inverter generator, your music studio is still incomplete.

Here are two reasons why your studio needs an inverter:

Inverter generators provide stable power

westinghouse inverterYou’ll never know when a power outage can come and ruin your recording. Well, the electric company might schedule a blackout beforehand, but if your band is onto something good, hanging out doing nothing inside the studio is nothing but boring and unproductive. With an inverter, you can have stable electricity as good as that of the electric company. That’s because inverters generate more than 300 pure sine waves for every engine rotation compared to conventional generators. The three-phase AC is converted to DC then inverted back to AC, making the energy cleaner.

When we speak of clean power, we’re talking about smooth electricity without surges and fluctuations. That means an inverter can power up even the most delicate gadget you have like your phone, tablet, and computer. With an inverter, nothing will ever hamper your band activities ever again.  Because how else are you going to record without a device?

Inverters are quiet


Second, inverter generators run with low noise levels. Inverters have a small engine, making them portable and quieter compared to standard generators that have huge engines that can disturb the whole neighborhood.

Inverters are also able to run quietly because they can operate at different output levels. This means if you’re using small power, the engine will run quieter compared to when it’s running at its full capacity. Inverters are also smart appliances as they can automatically identify how much energy is needed, allowing them to adjust the speed of the engine on their own too. Quite impressive, isn’t?

But the thing that should receive more attention and praise is the body casing of the inverter. The housing is made of insulated and sound-attenuating materials which absorb the noise generated by the inverter, making inverters friendly to music studios.

champion inverter generator

You should also know that inverters only create 58 to 62 decibels at a full-rated output, which is a lot quieter than the daily noise you experience. Normal speech is around 60 decibels, a vacuum cleaner produces 70 decibels, and the sound that city traffic makes is about 100 decibels. I’m sure we had you at “70 decibels.”

These babies are quiet even when operating at full capacity, making them perfect for any music studio. If you’re recording, you can place it outside the studio and use extension wires instead. You could situate it anywhere you want because aside from its quiet operation; it’s also portable and comfortable to handle! You can bring an inverter when your band goes on a road trip or when you’re about to perform on gigs. With an inverter, you can take power with you wherever you go.

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