Woodcarving Messages with a Wood Router

take it easy

dewalt wood routerNeed to send a message? Or simply need to display one? Do it with a wood router and a piece of wood!

Carve your messages with a router, and you’ll be surprised by how well and easy woodworking can communicate the words you wish to convey.

Before we begin with the steps, you should first get one of the top wood routers of 2017.

Next, you should choose the right wood. Refer to the table below.

Easy to work with Difficult to carve
Cherry Tupelo
Basswood Pear
Maple Mahogany
Red Oak
Walnut American black

Materials Needed

  • Wood Plane
  • Varnish
  • The message to be engraved
  • Sander
  • Router and the bits
  • Paint or Finish
  • Clamps
  • Optional: oil


Step 1: Print the message

  1. Print the sign or message you wish to send or convey in an A3 format.
  2. Glue the paper onto your chosen wood.
  3. Clamp it.
  4. Get your wood router and install your preferred bit.
  5. Adjust the router bit to the right position.

Step 2: Rout it out!

  1. Practice on a piece of scrap wood first.
  2. After getting the hang of it, switch to your final workpiece and hollow out using your wood router.
  3. Blow away sawdust each time; you need to work on a dust-free workpiece to see what you’re doing.
  4. Continue routing until all the details have been hollowed out. It might take a few hours or a few minutes depending on how long the message is. However, you should take in-between breaks to avoid back pain. You might want to sit down while you rout too.
  5. After routing the necessary details, sand out the paper until no trace of paper is stuck on the wood.

Step 3: Paint

  1. Select the paint color and epoxy.
  2. Apply it to the carved message.
  3. Let it dry completely.

Step 4: Finish it!

  1. Apply the finish. Only apply enough stain or varnish.
  2. Optional: Sand and oil for a superb finish. If you’re going to oil the wood, ensure you have time to reapply oil again over time to maintain the look of the wood.

Step 5: Hang or send the message

take it easyNow it’s time to send or hang the message! You can attach it to your office door or send it to an organization as a plaque of appreciation. Communicate uniquely through that piece of art.

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