The Relationship of Music and Marijuana

Music and marijuana

Numerous studies have been carried out in order to find the relationship between these two elements. Let’s see what some researchers found.

One study looked at the brains of individuals while they were listening to the same music before and after they smoked weed. They discovered that there was an increase in activity in the parietal lobe of the users. The parietal lobe is concerned with the reception and correlation of sensory information. It is also known to play an essential role in problem-solving. The experiment, in totality, suggests that marijuana can help the user understand music with a higher level of thought.

Woman smoking marijuanaThe same study also found out that music and cannabis can both cause a rise in activity in the right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for our intuitive, emotional, and imaginative functions. This means that musicians and songwriters can be more creative if they smoke pot. Music can be more enjoyable because of marijuana and vice versa.

According to Dr. Jörg Fachner, a professor of health, music, and the brain at Anglia Ruskin University, marijuana doesn’t change the music nor the functions of our ears. It clearly modifies the way users perceive ear space in music. He says it’s like a psycho-acoustic enhancer that allows people to focus more and absorb more. Dr. Fachner also mentioned that it changes the perception of time.

Music and marijuana

On the other hand, Dr. Zach Walsh, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia, said cannabis allows individuals to be in a relaxed and pleasant state. If one is in such a state, he can be receptive to music even just for that moment. He also added that marijuana could improve all types of things which are related to being present at the moment, which opposes the need for long-term planning, ordering, organizing, and worrying.

The experts have spoken, folks. So if it’s legal in your country to grow cannabis, you have no excuse not to. Now, I suggest you check our top LED growing lights for the money and start cultivating marijuana plants.

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