How To Be A Better Reader


For some, reading books is only a hobby. But for others, reading books is a great way to learn more – not just about specific topics, but also about themselves.

That being said, you need to start reading books (if you haven’t read a book in your entire life) or start reading books more (if you still haven’t finished those books).

Even more so, here’s how to be a better reader:

Make time for reading.

Just like learning how to be a better musician, you will learn how to be a better reader by making time for reading. You can schedule two hours of reading per day, after waking up in the morning or before going to sleep at night. You can also make time for reading in-between work hours, just so your mind can relax for a short while. Do this every single day, until you become fully accustomed to your new reading habit.

Limit time for digital.

To be a better reader is to be a better balancer. This means separating your digital life (your work, your school) from your personal life (yourself, your family). It also means that your digital habits (surfing, gaming) should be less prioritized than your real habits (reading, exercising). This way, you will be able to connect with your real life more effectively. Moreover, you will be able to connect with your inner self more effectively.

Surround yourself with readers.

Nothing compares reading books – that’s right – with those just like you. Be it talking about books with your cousin who is also a book lover or attending book clubs with your friends who are also book lovers, surrounding yourself with readers will not just make you realize how wonderful books truly are. It will also make you realize the importance of books in one’s life – even if you’re not a reader.

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