4 Sawing Projects Bibliophiles Will Love


Bibliophiles or those who love and collect books will surely appreciate these sawing projects for their reading time. There are so many tutorials and articles you can find to accomplish each of these projects. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin!

Adirondack Chair


Who wouldn’t want to take a break from the library and read outside with fresh air and natural light? This chair can be designed in any way you want, making reading time more special for you. Let your chair symbolize your journey to another magical world! What’s better than a chair you yourself made anyway?

Wooden Lamp

Make the exterior covering of your reading lamp unique! With a jigsaw, you can shape the lamp on your own so that it could look like a tree or another element from your favorite book. The possibilities are endless once you let your creative side take over. Aside from providing the light you need to keep reading at night, it will also serve as an additional and distinct decoration in your library or room.

Cover for Speaker


If you’re a lover of all books—paperback or not—you’re going to love this project. It’s a wooden cover for your speakers for when you feel like listening to audiobooks or podcasts instead. You can just relax your eyes and let your hearing senses do the job this time. It’s also a perfect substitute for those who get tired holding books or tablets. You can just play the file and let the speaker narrate the story for you while you sit or lie down effortlessly.


bookshelf-wall-booksAll project lists for the booklover should include bookshelves—these are the homes of your beloved books, after all. Besides, one can never have too many shelves! Bookshelves can be designed in any way you want, and various saws exist to make your imaginations come true.

So, don’t hold back! Get various saws from sawingpros.com and start working!

How To Be A Better Reader


For some, reading books is only a hobby. But for others, reading books is a great way to learn more – not just about specific topics, but also about themselves.

That being said, you need to start reading books (if you haven’t read a book in your entire life) or start reading books more (if you still haven’t finished those books).

Even more so, here’s how to be a better reader:

Make time for reading.

Just like learning how to be a better musician, you will learn how to be a better reader by making time for reading. You can schedule two hours of reading per day, after waking up in the morning or before going to sleep at night. You can also make time for reading in-between work hours, just so your mind can relax for a short while. Do this every single day, until you become fully accustomed to your new reading habit.

Limit time for digital.

To be a better reader is to be a better balancer. This means separating your digital life (your work, your school) from your personal life (yourself, your family). It also means that your digital habits (surfing, gaming) should be less prioritized than your real habits (reading, exercising). This way, you will be able to connect with your real life more effectively. Moreover, you will be able to connect with your inner self more effectively.

Surround yourself with readers.

Nothing compares reading books – that’s right – with those just like you. Be it talking about books with your cousin who is also a book lover or attending book clubs with your friends who are also book lovers, surrounding yourself with readers will not just make you realize how wonderful books truly are. It will also make you realize the importance of books in one’s life – even if you’re not a reader.

Getting Kids to Read

children reading

Helping your kids discover the pleasure of reading is one of the most enriching gifts you can give to them. While children acquire reading skills in school, it does not guarantee that they would develop the passion for it. Creating a fun, pleasant, and supportive environment for children to explore the joys of reading is essential in developing the habit. Here are some of the many ways to get your kids to love reading and develop an enduring passion for one of life’s simple pleasures.

1. Make time for some bedtime reading. Reading stories to children is one of the best ways to encourage them to read. The great thing about this activity is that it also gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with your kids. You can start when they are babies by making the routine one of your shared bedtime rituals.

2. Make age-appropriate books accessible. Create an environment that encourages reading. Having plenty of books, magazines, journals, and other materials at home is one way of subtly motivating kids to read. Collect fun books for kids that would capture their interest and hook them to read more.

3. Make a trip to the library or bookstore. Visit libraries or bookshops together. Constant exposure to places and people that exhibit a passion for reading can inspire them to explore the enriching pursuit.

4. Don’t make it a chore. Avoid forcing children to read. Instead, let them discover the joys of reading at their own pace. Forcing them to love reading can make it feel like an obligation or a chore. What you can do apart from setting up a suitable environment for reading is to become a role model for them. Many children who grow up surrounded by adults who enjoy reading discover a passion for the pursuit as well.

5. Find out their interests. Provide kids with books they are likely to enjoy reading. Find out more about their interests and look for suitable titles that are likely to catch their attention. Allow them the freedom of choice. If your kids like comics or books about robots or vampires, let them read to their hearts’ content. The idea is to get your kids to love reading and not to control or limit their choices.

6. Set an example. Children who read often pick up habit from the adults around them. Make reading a shared interest at home. Alternate home movie dates with your family with reading nights. Have everyone cozy up at the reading or common room, give them several titles to choose from, and serve mugs of hot chocolate along with some treats for a fun night of reading.