4 Sawing Projects Bibliophiles Will Love


Bibliophiles or those who love and collect books will surely appreciate these sawing projects for their reading time. There are so many tutorials and articles you can find to accomplish each of these projects. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin!

Adirondack Chair


Who wouldn’t want to take a break from the library and read outside with fresh air and natural light? This chair can be designed in any way you want, making reading time more special for you. Let your chair symbolize your journey to another magical world! What’s better than a chair you yourself made anyway?

Wooden Lamp

Make the exterior covering of your reading lamp unique! With a jigsaw, you can shape the lamp on your own so that it could look like a tree or another element from your favorite book. The possibilities are endless once you let your creative side take over. Aside from providing the light you need to keep reading at night, it will also serve as an additional and distinct decoration in your library or room.

Cover for Speaker


If you’re a lover of all books—paperback or not—you’re going to love this project. It’s a wooden cover for your speakers for when you feel like listening to audiobooks or podcasts instead. You can just relax your eyes and let your hearing senses do the job this time. It’s also a perfect substitute for those who get tired holding books or tablets. You can just play the file and let the speaker narrate the story for you while you sit or lie down effortlessly.


bookshelf-wall-booksAll project lists for the booklover should include bookshelves—these are the homes of your beloved books, after all. Besides, one can never have too many shelves! Bookshelves can be designed in any way you want, and various saws exist to make your imaginations come true.

So, don’t hold back! Get various saws from sawingpros.com and start working!

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